Biography of Danny Cawley - Abstract Artist in Manchester

Abstract Artist Danny Cawley is a born and bred Mancunian. He lives and works in Manchester and sells his art all around the world. His mesmerising, colourful paintings come from his love of graffiti art and his fascination with colour.

Danny admits his paintings come from “nowhere”, except “good music, coffee and solitude”.

“When I paint I shut the door to the real world and escape into my world of abstract experimentation. I make it an event, a great form of therapy!”

"I can't stand at an easel", Danny says, so laying canvasses flat on the floor enables him to work on as many as twenty paintings at a time. This technique was inspired by Jackson Pollock and allows Danny to keep moving around.

Danny uses mainly acrylics, glosses, aerosol, varnishes, dyes and some basic domestic materials to create his work.

“A lot of my work has come from experimentation, seeing how the paints react with each other. This keeps its exciting, not knowing what the outcome might be."

Danny’s clients include some famous musicians; Simon Jones from The Verve, Jon Brookes from the Charlatans, Badly Drawn Boy, Mark Chadwick from the Levellers, Clint Boon from the Inspiral Carpets. Another of Danny’s famous clients is Andy Morrison, former captain of Manchester City.

“In my twenties I got to know a lot of bands and I believe the experiences I had, combined with the great music I enjoyed, served as inspiration for my work.”

Danny's work has appeared at more than twenty exhibitions and he has sold over 700 paintings since 2007. He intends to continue exhibiting and living as a full-time artist. 

“Sometimes being a full-time artist is hard, but most of the time I love it. I want to show my work all around the world. And when it feels good, it's the best."